Saturday, September 23, 2006

Under Ki Baat

Hello people. How you all doing? I’ve been ok…been very busy lately…working my ass off between Bangalore and Chennai. Literally getting my undies in a bundle trying to meet deadlines. Oh that’s exactly what this blog is all about. If you’re thinking deadlines, my friend I think you better read that title one more time. Yup that’s right, tidy whities, pink thongs, red brassieres and all the other bare essentials in their many splendor shapes and sizes, that’s what I am talking about.

Bad lingerie, I wonder why no one sees it as a wardrobe disaster. At least a majority of Indians – the socially active page 3 types seem to goof up when it comes to lingerie. Consider these situations. You go to this hep party and you see this foxy babe in a figure hugging pair of pants and a midriff revealing top. You size her up from top to bottom then bottom to top. Ok you can’t proceed higher from the bottom because you just saw something. It’s the stupid lining of her unarguably tasteless panty showing through her tight slacks. Your mind even guesses half a dozen brands like ‘Poomer’ and ‘Rasathi’ that might go well with her unders. I mean it’s the kind of thing that Helen or Mumtaz would carry off as a bikini bottom in the 70’s. Considering the kind of range and brands available in the market and considering the fact that we have FTV and Trendz don’t’ you think it’s time we brushed up our undressing sense? I don’t know about you guys out there but for me seeing spaghetti straps matched with a thick strapped brassiere is a major turn off. And so are the armor-like white brassieres that most women seem to be so dedicated to.

And before you think I am a sexist hell bent on criticizing only women’s sense in this matter, men are no better. Shaktivel better known as shaggy by close friends and secret admirers alike is known to be the hottest dressed stud in the whole neighborhood. I thought so too until he invited me into his dingy little bachelor pad for a drink one day. My sight was met by the most ghastly collection of briefs and vests, proudly drying away on a line under the fan. And what choice of colours they were. Brick red briefs with inch thick waist bands, Rin soap blue briefs with red stripes, vests with perforations. You can’t imagine my horror. It was obvious that shaggy bought his precious collection of privates from a factory outlet in Tirupur. I couldn’t believe that he’d spend a premium on his jeans and shirt but wouldn’t spend a little extra for a jockey or VIP even. I mean what if he got invited to spend the night with a hot woman? Would he feel comfortable dressing down and showing of his ‘Arasu’ under garments?

It’s time we paid as much importance to our under garments as we do to our other clothes folks. Even more than your outer clothes your inners reveal how conscious you are about your body and your looks. Undergarments aren’t just about holding up what’s hanging, it’s as much about fashion sense and personality as any other piece of cloth on your body. Outgrow the notion that nobody’s looking in there…what if someone does? Don’t you want to make the best impression at all times? Dressed or undressed? It’s definitely not undhar ki baat anymore it’s a matter of what’s under. India Search