Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review (Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane)

You like watching vivid scenes unruffle? You like letting go of self control? you love the the freezing sensation that delicately rides up your spine...causing every strand of hair on your body stand straight? Do you like being terrified beyond your understanding of terror?

Have you ever tried to imagine what goes on in the mind of a lunatic? A mind thats million times sharper than yours but doesn't work the way yours does?

Wondered how it feels to be shackled up in a straight jacket? Your body contained, your mind intimidated? Have you ever felt yourself yell about how society restrains you from doing what you best do? Like me, do you think everyone around you is crazy for looking at you the way they do?

The answers to all those questions are in that book. read it and then read it again. F**king insane as hell! 5 stars all the way.

The movie was good. The book is way better!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book Review (We The Living - Ayn Rand)

Very, Very deep. Gives the reader a vivid vision of USSR. Almost draws you into the midst of the struggle of the individual against the state. Makes you look at life here and now in a whole new light and to be thankful for the freedom you have.

Democracy might have its kinks, but read this book to realise how fortunate you are to be living in a democratic country. To realise how lucky you are to actually say no to a second helping of potatoes, yes potatoes, at dinner.

Both Leo and Andre are admirable characters in the novel. As usual Ayn Rand has crafted perfect beings, god like even, with these two characters. Kira, is no less intimidating either. the only thing I didnt like, or rather can't understand, is why Ayn Rand makes all her women adulterous. And why the men are always so naive to not know that their women are cheating on them until the very end.

Apart from that issue, this is one of the greatest works of Ayn Rand. A must for die hard fans and the uninitiated as well.

The Me II

I am potent whiskey
In a plain old jar.
Risk a swig of me
If you're at the bar.
A little hard to swallow,
I might be at start.
But once you've had a taste,
You'll want the scar. India Search