Friday, January 15, 2010


I see them stars

Like they was from mars

I see them flaming

Like rage unchanging

I feel the burns

Like hell descending

I feel the unending

Like in the beginning

It’s all so new

This pain is true

There’s no denying

That I love you

You’re devouring me

Like a piranha fleet

And all I feel is need

The need to lay and heed

You inescaple you

You undeniable hue

The coulors of destruction

The inevitable redemption

You cripple me like fire

Unplanned and undesired

But here you are

So near so far

I can’t see your starting point

All I feel is your taunt

Eternal and prevalent

Blazing and forever bent

I know I’ll never make it

My spirit knows you’ll break it

Today tomorrow the day after

There will never be rapture

I know I am dying for you

For you it’s been long due

So take it now and be done

Let us again be one

In death and afterlife

You’re the reason for my strife

I live I die I breathe for you

You’re the only reason I ever knew

To be continued… India Search