Monday, January 28, 2008

The Ever Growing Post Of My Favorite & Spontaneous Quotes II

Hello... I am Back. And as promised, the post of favourite and spontaneous quotes is growing. Here is the second part. Hope you all like it.

“Happiness is like cotton candy, you always think you’ve a lot of it but it’s gone even before you’ve properly tasted it.” – Bubbasamuel

“People have completely eliminated the heart from the equation of love, now they just love with their minds.” – Bubbasamuel

“According to the old testament, the married man shall live by the rule - YES DEAR, NO DEAR, and according to the new testament, he shall live by the rule - YES DEAR, ABSOLUTELY DEAR.” – Bubbasamuel

“Common sense is for people who lack imagination.” – Bubbasamuel

“Knowing is nothing, showing is everything.” – Bubbasamuel

“Let’s talk about something nice, she said, and I asked, like what? Mint chocolates and pink ponies? Peppermint breath and brownies? Cotton candy and fruit slush? Popsicles and jelly mush?” – Bubbasamuel

“Don’t you love me anymore? Don’t I look beautiful to you anymore? Will you like me just as much if I become fat after marriage? The human mind is so fickle, it needs constant reassurance.” – Bubbasamuel

“If you can’t beat em, buy em out.” – Bubbasamuel

“Madness knows no manners.” – Bubbasamuel

“Every human wishes life was a big circle, childhood to teenage to manhood to old age to childhood again, but unfortunately it’s a straight line with a very definite start and an uncertain end.” - Bubbasamuel

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Ever Growing Post Of My Favorite & Spontaneous Quotes

Hi all...been a damn long time since I posted anything. Been too busy and too uninspired. Actually I am still uninspired but then I thought I have to post something to get the habit started again. So here it is...a post that's going to keep growing...a post of my favorite quotes (obviously mine) and one or two quotes from friends that i simply loved. If you find them interesting, I'd be glad and would even urge you to use them as you please....provided you quote me..i.e., add my name at the end of the quote. And if you find them tasteless and utterly disgusting, you are free to lock me up in a dark secluded dungeon and throw away the keys.

P.S. I must add that these quotes are the spontaneous results from conversations with friends. They may not be appropriate for the moment. But who knows, you might find them appropriate in times to come. Also, you are free to post me quotes of your own with your names, if i find them amusing, i'll add them to this list. Cheers :)

“I struggled all the way to the top using up every ounce of my strength, only to discover I had climbed a shit mound!” - Bubbasamuel

“There is no such thing as defense. There is only counter offense.” - Bubbasamuel

“We all suffer from a painful incurable's called 'memory'.” - Bubbasamuel"

There's no better reason to be miserable than the reason of love" - Bubbasamuel

"If you say 'shit happens' I am just gonna have to say 'guess you're not toilet trained huh' :)" - Bubbasamuel

"Sing your heart out Lassy...sing to the dark clouds...maybe they will cheer up and let the sun peek through" - Bubbasamuel

"I am bubba san because I differ, if I joined the crowd I'll just be sans bubba" - Bubbasamuel

"If you cant do it with a 'click', it must be one of those things they call impossible to do" - Bubbasamuel

"A single word, typed free of errors and timed right is worth a million emoticons anyday" - Bubbasamuel

"You spend half of your life waiting to feel bored and then the later half waiting to feel busy" - Felicia

“If anyone asks me what I do, I’d say - I police ads for crimes committed by misplaced letters and mis-spelt words, I enforce the law of grammar and see that writers adhere to it, I am a Creative Supervisor” - Bubbasamuel

"There is always a way out for the quick witted" - Bubbasamuel

"Dead men don't count" - Bubbasamuel India Search