Monday, March 10, 2008

The Ever Growing Post Of My Favorite & Spontaneous Quotes III

Hello's the third installment of the My Favorite & Spontaneous Quotes. Hope you like it. Cheers.

“A troubled mind has more reasons to think than a gleeful one.” – Bubbasamuel

“Africa was what we inherited from God, America is what we did to it.” – Bubbasamuel

“Remember, the lips that are kissing your ass are hiding teeth behind them.” – Bubbasamuel

“If you thought trying to remember someone was a toughie, give forgetting a shot.” – Bubbasamuel

“If I could, I’d be the first person to put a boot up my own ass. I am so dumb, so juvenile to have pushed away the only person who loved me. And for what? For being sane.” - Bubbasamuel

“Unlike salamanders we can’t grow back what we lose, we just learn to live without it that’s all.” – Bubbasamuel

"Sometimes a crisis situation makes your mind feel like the grey fuzzy no reception display on television." – Bubbasamuel

"You want to put an end to terrorism? Start by shooting down the bastards who burn up buses and break shop windows at the drop of a hat." – Bubbasamuel

“Most of us go on with our dull lives because we're too brave to give up, too chicken to commit suicide and too broke to hire a hit man to do the job for us.” – Bubbasamuel

“Tear my heart out, slow roast me over a fire, pull off my eyebrows strand by strand, push pins though my fingernails….do anything to me, anything but a monday.” - Bubbasamuel India Search