Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chirpy God and the Reckless Man

Once upon a time in the heavens above, a new breed of Gods was being created. They were made to be up to speed with the modern world below which they were destined to control. Now as among every mass manufacturing unit, one of the Gods had a slight flaw. She was prettier, chirpier and more emotional than the other models. When the Gods were passed through quality check our chirpy God failed and was like all rejects replaced with a human form and sent to earth.

On earth the God spent her days happily as a human being. Her chirpiness was her charm, it won her many friends. People who moved around with her found her very intelligent, hardworking, dependable and irresistible. The days flew and the God couldn’t have been happier. Until one day fate struck its blow.

A reckless man joined the same organization where our God was working. Over a few months a deep friendship developed between the God and the reckless man. For his part, the man found the God a very good companion. And for her part, she found him a nice human being. She did not realize then that the man was reckless, not to others, but to himself. He never cared for life or death. He drank and smoked and partied at the cost of his health. The God only saw one side of the reckless man and so this other side remained hidden to her.

Many days went by and the two were very happy in each others company. The reckless man developed a special liking for the God and after several unsuccessful attempts he openly declared his feelings to her. The God said she was fond of him but that their pairing could never be. This left the man crestfallen and from then on he tried to keep his feelings buried in a dark recess within himself. But such feelings can seldom be held down. From time to time they surfaced and created many unhappy incidents between the two of them. The God noticed a very great change in the man. She noticed that he grew less cheerful and amusing with each passing day. The God knew the reason for this and she also knew that there was nothing that she could do for him. These were his demons to fight and fight alone he must.

One day the God invited the man to join her and a few of her friends on a journey to a magical land. The man readily agreed. He would have gone anywhere just to be in her company. Throughout the journey the man drank and smoked and contended himself to being in the company of his beloved God. But the God was not happy with his behavior. After the journey was over and when all had returned safe, the God exploded on the reckless man with unadulterated wrath. She neither spoke to him nor smiled at him for a couple of days. This really hurt the reckless man very deeply. He had misbehaved on the journey; he had acted as if he cared about no one but himself. For the first time in his life he realized he was reckless. But alas, it was too late. Things between the God and the reckless man had changed forever. He had wanted her to love him but he ended up winning her hate. There was no way he could turn back time and set things right. He begged, he pleaded and asked for her forgiveness. But what would her forgiveness do? Could it right the wrongs of his behavior? Would it recreate the magic that used to be there in their relationship? He knew nothing would go back to being the same ever again.

The reckless man started changing his ways. He gave up his vices and began living a normal life. Not for the God. No, he knew his changing ways would little impact her after the damage he had done. He changed to prove to himself that he was better off without these vices. And if ever the God was to look again at him with the same affection that she used to, he wanted to be ready to be all that she expected and not the reckless man that she so hates.

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

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