Thursday, April 28, 2011


If there's one word to describe the new coke commercial, it is 'unBRRRable'! I guess Coke has reached the pinnacle of absurdity in advertising. What happened to the good old Coke? I used to love the jingles and the taglines of old, 'Coke is it', 'Always the real thing', etc., but now i detest Coke.
As it is, the quality of the drink has been deteriorating over the years. From a Cola, Coke is now just aerated, colured and sweetened water that is becoming more watery day by day. I seriusly doubt if there is any secret formula at all. The brand image too is being seriously diluted.
I think the best drink in the Coke stable for now is Thumbs Up (a real good feeling if you consider that it's a true Indian cola) and at least they still havn't F'd the 'Taste the thunder' image.
WTF does a random collection of people BRRRing have to do with 'Open happiness'? What sense does the advertising convey at all? I mean, show me one human being who would actually sip a cool drink, let alone coke and BRRR. I think its plain silly, childish or more appropriately college kid prank'ish' to BRRR after sipping a drink in public.
The hyped activation idea, a so called innovation, of temperature controlled igloos and iced coke is extremely forced. Falls below all standards of advertising. I thought Frooty the best at bad advertising in recent years, but I guess Coke can't stand anyone else being better at something, including being bad.
The advertising agency should be sacked for doing such shoddy work on such an iconic brand. Actually, come to think of it, the brand manager for coke should be the first to take the boot. I mean, think about it, would Harley ever put men in ballet suits on their bikes?
I am not saying that Coke has always done good work before. There's a ton of bad ads from the past too. But you have to learn from those and better yourself. Not check up to see if you can stoop any lower.
Coke! Wake up or F*** off...please!
 By the are a few good Coke ads.


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