Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Faith and the almighty

Hello my dear Sunday Christians, ardent five time a day mosque visitors and diligent weekly temple frequenters. Tell me something now, are you really going to these holy places to find god or catch up on gossip? Of course you don’t have to answer that without a lawyer onboard, I know I am overruled for this really sensitive Q but if I rephrase it would you answer me? Did you find god?

I am still waiting for an answer. Speak up bravely brethren, I can’t hear you. I suppose you don’t like the question but sorry I am not leaving until you answer it. What was that? I can’t question faith? Why not? How do I even begin to trust if I can’t have my questions answered? Honestly speaking I can boast that I am more religious or rather, more pious than 10 regular church goers put together. I don’t put a show by being a regular at church. I don’t take responsibilities for church funds and misappropriate them later. I don’t consider my space in heaven booked if I read the sermon to a gathering of so called Christians on Sunday; I don’t find falling in love with a person of different faith wrong. And I certainly don’t care for the political motives driving the modern church.

My mother is a pious woman. She’s a regular at church and an enthusiastic do-gooder. Yet, I find her faith rather alarming than heart warming. Why? Because I see her good nature disturbingly inclined towards a money hungry organization disguised in white, the church. Yikes! I can’t believe she’d gladly give thousands to the church rather than a rupee to a wayward beggar. Is this true faith?

I am told that god is everywhere; in speck and in splendor, then why seek him within a whitewashed encasement? I am told god is a father who answers his children whenever he is beseeched anywhere, yet we throng in thousands to the white encasement on any given Sunday to seek him. Odd I’d say. Are we stupid or are we stupid? Let me tell you this, I don’t approve of churches or mosques or temples yet I am god fearing. My god is in me and he is never away from me. I don’t want to stick a label on him that’s anything but “GOD”. I speak to him and he answers me whenever I want. I take my problems to him and he sooths my hyperactive heart. Isn’t that faith? I haven’t been in a church in almost 8 months now (I am forced to attend mass every Christmas at least). Yet I can confidently say I walk with god each day. Proof? You want proof? Well I haven’t any but keep your eye on me and maybe you might believe me.

To me god is a friend unseen. Always nearby. There’s no set way to speak to him. Call him what you feel like; father, brother, dad, papa or even dude (that’s what I call him). He’s not really picky about it. He only wants you to acknowledge his presence. That, I can confidently say I do every single day. What more do I want? A membership at the local neighborhood church so as to ensure a 6 by 3 resting place for my shell when life leaves it? Nah…not interested. I really don’t care if I was buried or burned. All that matters is that I live my tenure on this earth as a good human being. And I am sure that that’s what he expects too. Well brethren, I really don’t know if I am right or wrong in following this path I find right. But I have no regrets. When the day of reckoning comes we shall know how it has turned out for you as well as me. But till then, I really don’t see why I must change my way of faith for the world. I won’t do it just to belong; I won’t do it for better marital proposals and surely not for decent burial ground. That would be so against my faith. I know my mom won’t approve of what I’ve just voiced here, but then my faith isn’t her call. I am what I am today because of my mother. Though she didn’t mean to, she’s the reason for what my faith is today. And I don’t see anything wrong with it and neither has the dude hinted at a change of course. I guess this path that I walk will one day lead me to an answer that may turn out favorable or sour. Till then I can only say this…Amen.

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